Monday, October 4, 2010

Best Wedding Ever.

I am getting married in only four days and despite the three or four "almost-panic-attacks" I've had, I think I am doing pretty effing good. The minutia of wedding planning is never ending though and I want to stab each little task in the face with a sharp - but not too sharp - stick, but again...I am holding it together.

I am also trying not to worry about the actual wedding day and my subconscious was there to help me out a bit by giving me one of the most awesome dreams I've had in a long time. Mostly, I dream about nonsensical bulless and mundane crap like reading, running from assy things, or trying over and effing over again to dial a phone number and failing until I wake up. But this time I dreamt about the BEST WEDDING EVER and guess what folks, it was MINE!

Recipe for best wedding ever:

Me + Matt + All My Family and Friends + Daniel Tosh +....wait for it...Macho Man Randy Savage!!!

Not only was I getting married in my dream, but my two great friends Tosh and Macho Man were there. What? You didn't KNOW that we were such good friends? Oh, this was a surprise to you? Well, yeah I mean I am that important and awesome. So are they. And, we're friends.

A lot of shenanigans took place with hilarious speeches and hot pink, shredded Lycra.

But even though this won't happen in real life I know that I am going to have the best wedding ever because it's ours! But this would have been cool too...

Pretty much would have been our picture together,
except my gloves are wrist-length and he has a collar and bow tie  ONLY shirt.

I took this picture because we're such good friends.


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