Friday, February 11, 2011

Beef Tongue! Tout Suite!

One thing that made the sting of returning from Maui more bearable was opening up my DVR and seeing what we snagged. Our queue looked something like this:

Dog Whisperer (18)
Wild Justice (14)
American Idol (4)
Glee (3)

Since I've been back to enjoying my shows I thought I would dedicate this blog to some of my favorite moments.

1. Puck from Glee saying, "Get back on the field, tout suite!"

I wasn't sure if everyone caught this but hearing a jock yell a French phrase to motivate the football players was funny. I can just imagine people saying to themselves, "What the hell is toot sweet?"
If you don't know Puck, here are some pictures:

The first one is normal. The second one is awesome and I found it here.

2. Unidentified Penis on Wild Justice

Nat Geo describes this series as following the lives of California’s Game Wardens, on call 24/7, as they defend against human threats to the environment, endangered wildlife, and the cultivation of illegal drugs. 
This show is pretty good. They caught one guy who allegedly "screwed" a dead wild hog (yeah, that's fucked up) and poached a prize elk. They are constantly busting tweakers with guns (thanks for that) and one bad-ass warden strapped bear feet to *his own* feet to walk around and throw off tracking dogs ultimately leading gall bladder bear poachers right into his path. Seems like a fun job; I would like it except for the tweakers part. Those fuckers make ME jumpy.

With all of those awesome situations, it is hard to pick my favorite but it has to be when all the wardens got together in San Francisco's China Town to bust shops selling illegal animal parts. They found a great deal of trafficked pieces but the best was the "unidentified penis". No one seemed to know what kind of animal originated the 7" long dehydrated penis and seeing the officer carry it down the bustling street between his thumb and forefinger was fantastic. Even more captivating was the warden who described deer, bear and tiger penises and why this could not possibly be a penis of those species. They had to take it to the lab.

Also, these guys rock. Who WOULDN'T want to watch a show featuring that guy?

3. Beef Tongue song

HUGE Top Chef fan. I've seen all but the first season. Matt and I must have something prepared and ready-to-eat before we sit down to watch otherwise we start drooling and it gets very ugly.

Besides Fabio being our all-time favorite (we seriously want to kick it with that guy), we enjoyed the clip below from the All-Stars episode. Enjoy....tout suite! It's catchy and may get stuck in your head...

Beef Tongue Song

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  1. This is the most penisful blog post I have ever read. Kudos!