Monday, February 14, 2011

Unidentified Member...

So my last blog post was about my favorite shows’ best moments and now one of those moments has collided with our actual lives!

It all started yesterday when Matt decided to cut through a gas station to avoid traffic (tsk, tsk Matt). He saw a cop and decided that his idea was no longer a good one and parked to avoid a ticket. Since he was parked, he decided to go into the store and pick me up a treat, which I was pretty stoked about later when he presented me with this:

Lucky Charms Cereal Bar...So good...but keep reading...

Anyway, he saw a green truck that piqued his interest and the bald guy with sunglasses who got out of that truck did so even more. Matt walked right up to him and said:

Matt: Hey, are you a game warden?
Warden: Yes, I am.
Matt: You’re on that show! (Wild Justice)
Warden: Yep.
Matt: Awesome. Well, I don’t usually get star struck but my wife and I love your show and really appreciate everything you guys do.
Warden: Thanks, man.
Matt: No, problem. HEY! Did you ever identify that penis?!

If you haven’t read my last blog: Beef Tongue! Tout Suite!, you won’t understand that final question. But, to my loyal readers (if I have any), the answer is: deer.



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  1. Groovy new background. Dig it, man.

    I kinda wish I hadn't read the post before, because that last question, out of context, is flippin' hilarious.